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Como traduzir na Unreal Engine 3 - Mass Effect / Mass Effect
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    # Como traduzir na Unreal Engine 3
    Resposta de Vitinhobr.

    Estou usando a conta de um primo para falar uma coisa importante: como traduzir games com Unreal Engine. Fiz o cadastro mas tinha q esperar 1 semana :/

    Essa dica é expecifica para o Mass Effect, mas pode funcionar em jogos como Batman AA, Bioshock, etc

    Desculpe por estar em ingles, mas deu a entender q esse programa PHP descompila os arquivos e os colocar em formato Unreal Script. Tem outra solução nos foruns da BioWare, que estarei postando ainda hoje. So não postei pois os foruns estao offline.


    This program allows to display objects contained in .u and .upk files. Futhermore it can display 2DA tables, scripts, et les dialogues.

    It's a PHP program. To use it you must install PHP first.

    Some game files are very big. PHP will need time and memory to read them. In php.ini, increase the parameter max_execution_time. It's in seconds. Put at least 600. Increase also memory_limit. I put 160M and that works well.

    Then download Unzip in your www directory. Open a web navigator. Go to


    Now you can surf in the MassEffect directories and open the .u and .upk files.

    The program modifies no file of MassEffect. But in the hypothesis of a bug, make at first a copy of the MassEffect files which you plan to open.

    The program decompiles approximately 90% of the scripts. It produces unrealScript. You can find a language reference here


    The game rules are mainly in the file


    For example the weapons characteristics (which we can see in the inventory) are mainly calculated in the function ItemStatValue of the class BioInventoryGuiInterface

    Approximately half of the functions are native. They were written and compiled C++. We cannot regrettably see their code.

    2DA tables contain the parameters of the game contents(level up, weapons performance, powers effects, etc). They are in this directory


    For example the weapons and armors characteristics are in the object Items_ItemEffectLevels of the file BIOG_2DA_Equipment_X.upk

    Download UPK viewer: URLaHR0cDovL2VyaWNrYWVsLmlmcmFuY2UuY29tL01hc3NFZmZlY3QvdXBrVmlld2VyLnppcA==

    Download EasyPHP: URLaHR0cDovL3d3dy5iYWl4YWtpLmNvbS5ici9kb3dubG9hZC9lYXN5cGhwLmh0bQ==

    Fonte: URLaHR0cDovL2VyaWNrYWVsLmlmcmFuY2UuY29tL01hc3NFZmZlY3Qv

    Talvez ainda hj eu poste a 2ª alternativa.


    EDIT: URLaHR0cDovL21lZm9ydW1zLmJpb3dhcmUuY29tL3ZpZXd0b3BpYy5odG1sP3RvcGljPTY0OTYwMyZmb3J1bT0xMjU= (parece que tem q n esta compilado ainda... nao entendo muito to assunto)


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      # Re: Como traduzir na Unreal Engine 3
      Resposta de x15_tiago.

      Vlw quando tiver tempo vou ver se funciona.

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